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Play is our mission

In 1975 we saw the need for meaningful, mindboggling and maturing entertainment for children on the go. Be it in planes, airports, trains, cars, ships, hotels or wherever children are seated or situated, parents, fellow passengers as well as crew and staff will look for travel entertainment to keep the young ones busy and occupied.

Not only are more people travelling, they are also doing it more often and going further from home. Today’s families are more mobile than ever before – by car, boat, plane and train. The world is indeed a smaller place.

The pleasant travel experience
As adults we all know that travelling time invites resting, reading, relaxation and concentration. Our award winning toys and play material are developed to engage the mind of travelling children, contributing to a pleasant travel atmosphere, thus keeping families and their fellow travelers happy. Being able to entertain children while they are travelling – and keeping them entertained for long periods of time – is a challenge that can make the difference between a good holiday and a bad one.

Entertainment for every child
UNISET’s main target group is children aged 3-6, but the play range also includes the under threes and over sixes. Our most well-known range is the Magic Stickers Set, recognized by many as the ultimate travel toy. However, over the years we have introduced many new and exciting articles that now have become an integrated part of our travel entertainment range.

The quality of play
We aim to asure the highest play value in all products through approval by our advisory board: Children’s professionals, children’s movie instructors, authors and editors of children’s books.

When developing entertainment we strive to build in the following qualities in our products: 
fun, light, portable, affordable, entertaining, instant play, value for money and high perceived play value.

All UNISET products meet the requirements and standards of European and American legislation. We take children’s health serious and use only human friendly materials and ethical processes in manufacturing the ultimate travel toy.

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