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UNISET Activities for Kids on the Go – an impulse buy

As most parents know, packing for family travels can be a hectic experience.
entertainment for the young ones may easily be forgotten in the turmoil.
However, by including the UNISET line in your store, you will be able to attract the
travelling passengers right when their need for travel entertainment is strong.

Include UNISET in your family
The UNISET on-the-GO Toys line will satisfy travelling families at any outdoor point: airports, ferries, trains, boarder shops, gasoline stations, waiting areas etc.     
By including UNISET, you get:    
  • Proven concept with success in airports for more than 10 years
  • Branded product line  with a strong impulse rate
  • A unique product category
  • Stable all-year sales
  • Increased sales around travel seasons
  • Selection with low price points, something for all within the impulse price range
  • Requires less space than 1 square meter in your store, ready-to-shelf solutions

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